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About Me

Coding farmer in Guangdong Provincial Institute of Public Health.I got my master degree from the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. I have learned R sofware both as an academic pursuit and as a hobby, such as Spatial analysis, Spatial-temporal, Dynamic models for infectious disease and Data visualization. Besides statistics, I'm a big fan of GitHub and Latex.

这是张兵的个人主页。2014年6月我从华中科技大学劳动卫生与环境卫生学系毕业,目前就职于广东省公共卫生研究院。我支持开源软件,喜欢折腾代码和数据(Linux下的酸爽)。对时空统计、传染病动力学模型和数据可视化感兴趣。目前主要研究方向:环境因素对传染病发生发展机制研究及评估疫苗接种策略改变对传染病发病的影响。爱读书却读的少,目前比较中意的一书是奥 斯勒医师写的《生活之道》: 终此一生,超越生命的磨难。 对自己的认识停留在多年前一首小诗里:

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