You can know more about me in the homepage and my vitae. This blog site, as its name indicates, is about statistics, R, graphics and fun. It is particularly focused on R.
This site was created with Jekyll and the template was derived from the site setImpl by Linghua Zhang; the homepage was based on the design of Tao Zhang (thanks a lot, guys!). You may need a decent web browser to view this site (such as Firefox or Chrome), otherwise the layout can be a mess and the fonts can look ugly. You can navigate to the last post by the left-arrow key (<-) or next post by right-arrow (->), or equivalently keys J and K.

I like contributing to open source software like:

  • R: Spatial Analysis and Data Visualization
  • Latex: High-quality typesetting system

You can find me on GitHub. Subscribe to the RSS feed of blog posts or all comments to stay tuned.